Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The "Civil War Librarian" Reviews "Notre Dame and the Civil War"!

I want to thank Rea Andrew Redd, aka "The Civil War Librarian" for posting a very kind review of my book, Notre Dame and the Civil War: Marching Onward to Victory, on his blog today.

You can read the entire review here. Excerpts are below.

Rea is Professor, Waynesburg University, Director of the university's Eberly Library, and an Adjunct instructor in U.S. history. He is also a member of the Ninth Pennsylvania Reserves, Pennsylvania Reserves Division, and the Chesapeake Volunteer Guard living history units. His areas of interest and study include Civil War medicine, Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Army Signal Corps, and antebellum politics.

Make sure you check out his excellent blog (here)...Rea updates it frequently and always has great reviews of new Civil War books, television, and cinema, and other news on Civil War history (I know, because I'ma loyal reader!).

Thanks, Rea!


Notre Dame is well served by Schmidt's clear, concise and well cited monograph. On each page is an anecdote that provides insight to the personalities and the climate of the opinions among the students and faculty...Other institutions would be lucky to find writers such as Schmidt to tell the story of their war years.

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