Monday, June 24, 2013

Holy Cross History in N'Awlins!

Earlier this month I had the great pleasure of attending the 32nd Annual Conference on the History of the Congregations of Holy Cross, sponsored by the Holy Cross History Association, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

I've written about the great resources of the Association previously (here).

The conference was great on many levels: I met some really nice people, heard some really interesting lectures, got to give one of my own, and got to experience New Orleans for the first time.

I've provided a synopsis of the lectures below.  

As I have explained before, one of the great resources of  the Association is that the papers given at the conferences are available for a nominal cost ($1.00).  I encourage you to browse through the list here (through 2011).  You may find something that intersects with you own historical interests!

This years papers included:

"Effects of Katrina on Marianites' Property and Ministries" - Sr. Clarita Bourque, MSC

"Edmundus" - Br. John Doran, CSC

Holy Cross in Acadia: What You Can Do With Eight Dollars" - Fr. Paul LeBlanc, CSC

"Holy Cross and Catholicism in the North" - Sr. Cecile Charette, CSC

"They Did Their Duty Well: Notre Dame Student-Soldiers in the Civil War" - James M. Schmidt (me!)

"Brother Theodolus: Reluctant Martyr of New Orleans" - Br. George Klawitter, CSC (all the lectures were terrific, but I have to say this was my had an exceptional connection to our city of New Orleans and to the yellow fever epidemics of the 19th century, which is a special interest of mine)

"St. Agnes School: The Jewel of Jefferson, Louisiana" - Sr. Rosemary Wessel, MSC (A story about a former speakeasy/dance hall/gambling hall turned into a church and school?!?! What's not to like?!?!)

"Holy Cross in Central Texas and Northern Mexico" - Fr. Peter Logsdon, CSC

"Holy Cross Religious Survive Katrina" - Br Walter Gluhm, CSC

Next year's conference is in Notre Dame, Indiana - keep an eye here on the blog for details!