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Sources?! We Don't Need No Stinking Sources! (Wait, Yes We Do!)

Civil War enthusiasts and readers can be a tough crowd when it comes to evaluating sources used for books and articles, and rightly so.

They (justly) demand an emphasis on original subject matter or interpretations, the (judicious) use of primary and archival sources, and "evidence" in reliable footnotes and endnotes.

Publisher-extraordinaire (and a happy mentor to many of us, including me!) Ted Savas at Savas-Beatie had an excellent post ("Going Archival") and poll on this matter a few months back at his excellent "A Publisher's Perspective" blog (make sure you check out the "Comments" also).

Many experienced Civil War readers begin a book - in fact, make a decision whether to even read or buy a book - based on a glance at the Bibliography and/or footnotes/endnotes.

Every publisher has its own philosophy when it comes to Bibliographies and/or Notes (and indexes, as well).

My new book, Notre Dame and the Civil War: Marching Onward to Victory (The History Press) does indeed have detailed endnotes. However, due to style and (especially) space considerations, it does not have an index or Bibliography.

But Fear Not! I happily provide a comprehensive Bibliography below!

In future posts I will provide hyperlinks (where available) to some of the sources and detail how important each of the different kids of sources was.

I do hope readers will be encouraged by the use of a broad array of sources, especially primary and archival material (and even more especially from the University of Notre Dame Archives ), and perhaps find some new leads for their own research! Enjoy!


Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, Notre Dame, Indiana

Indiana Historical Society (IHS) - Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Joseph W. andOrville T. Chamberlain Papers
Indiana Province Archives Center (IPAC), Congregation of the Holy Cross - Notre Dame, Indiana

Library of Congress - Washington, DC

  • Abraham Lincoln Papers
Louisiana Secretary of State - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • Pension Records
National Archives and Records Administration - Washington, D.C.

  • War Department - Compiled Service Records
University of Notre Dame Archives (UNDA) - Notre Dame, Indiana

  • Notre Dame Scholastic

  • CCON (David Power Conyngham Papers)

  • CCOO (Peter Paul Cooney Papers)

  • CEWI (Thomas Ewing Manuscripts)

  • CGAR (Grand Army of the Republic Notre Dame Post 569 Records)

  • CNDS (Notre Dame Student Collection)

  • CSHR (William T. Sherman Family Papers)

  • PDNP (Notre Dame Printed and Reference Material Dropfiles)

  • ULDG (Financial Ledgers)

  • UPEL (Notre Dame Presidents' Letters)

Adams County (PA) News
Elgin (IL) Weekly Gazette
Elkhart (IN) Review
Elkhart (IN) Truth
Gettysburg (PA) Compiler
St. Joseph County (IN) Forum

St. Joseph (IN) Valley Register


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